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It’s a big week and big day at MIC as all of our transitioning students say goodbye to their Guides and classmates and embark on the next stage of their journey,.

Our 5-year-olds joined their Early Years Prep classes, our 6-year-olds left Early Years and joined Junior Primary, our Year 3 students made the journey over to Senior Primary, our Year 6 students are enjoying their first day in the Adolescent Community and our Year 9s are now in the first day of the Senior Phase. So many changes!

Of course, change and growth is always an exciting adventure but it can be a challenging time as well. At MIC our transitions are handled gently and with great care, while also ensuring the children are ready to embrace the new opportunities that await them.

A core tenet of the Montessori philosophy is that children learn how to persevere despite challenges, and on transition day it’s never more clear how much this serves them. The ability to make mistakes without being corrected, to challenge themselves without fear of being ‘wrong’ and to freely interact and collaborate with others, all creates an inner confidence and determination that holds students in good stead in all situations – and this includes walking into a brand new classroom, with new classmates and a new Guide. Challenging and new? Absolutely. Scary? A little bit. Exciting and something they have the confidence to take on fairly easily? Without a doubt.

Which locker can I use? Where do I sit and what do I do first? MIC children are encouraged to ask questions so they have no qualms with asking what they need to know the moment they enter a new environment.