Cycle 3 ages 9-12

Primary School

Primary School

The 9-12 year-old classroom, consisting of 4th, 5th, and 6th year students, continues to develop each child’s learning within a fully prepared Montessori environment. The classroom contains a mix of new and familiar materials from the Cycle 2 Montessori Classroom which are used to teach new concepts in all areas, including math, physical science, language, history, geography, biology, practical life, and art. In this rich environment, students receive lessons, work with the Montessori materials, and conduct research using the resources in the classroom.

They may choose their own work and follow their own interests, but are always encouraged to challenge themselves with new materials and lessons. This approach fosters their sense of motivation, achievement, and joy of learning while encouraging mastery of each subject.

In the 9-12 classroom also, the quality of their social and working relationships are extremely important in the development of honesty, responsibility, friendship, and compassion. Conflict resolution skills are also explicitly taught, and when students choose to work in groups their interactions are carefully monitored. Support is offered to help them resolve disagreements and misunderstandings.