Welcome to Montessori Noosa

A small, progressive Montessori school nestled in the heart of beautiful Noosa, Queensland

Welcome to Montessori Noosa

Established in 2017 Montessori Noosa has organically grown to serve the needs of 59 students aged 6-15 years. In keeping with the natural growth journey, in 2020 the school launched its Secondary school program for children aged 12-15 years.

“Let us inspire and develop the talents of individual students; to encourage a futures-orientated generation who will innovate and lead in social and environmental justice, influencing society for the generations to come.

We believe that education is more than curriculum content, more than grades: education is part of the process that enables a person to be great. Often this happens despite schooling experiences; however, we think that a school should empower the unique dreams and talents of the individual.

Why? So that the individual can then reinvest in the next generation as we have invested in them.”

Montessori Noosa is ideally positioned within the education and sporting heart of Noosa. Within easy walking distance to access sporting fields, gymnasium, Noosa Aquatic Centre, tennis courts, not to mention the Noosa National park and beaches, the school is well positioned to support a healthy indulgence of physical activity and immersion in the natural environment.

The Cycles

Montessori Noosa offers programs in Cycle 2, Cycle 3 and Cycle 4. Karinya Montessori Children’s House in Cooroy ( provides a nurturing setting and acts as a feeder school for early years students progressing into our cycle 2 program.

Cycle 3 ages 9-12

The 9-12 year-old classroom, consisting of 4th, 5th, and 6th year students, continues to develop each child’s learning within a fully prepared Montessori environment.

Cycle 4 ages 12-18

The Montessori program for children aged 12 to 18 years is based on the recognition of the special characteristics of adolescence.

The Montessori Approach

Understanding Montessori